Holly Schut graduated from Sioux Falls Seminary with a Dr. of Ministry degree in May 2005.  Her focus is in using spiritual autobiographies to aid people in midlife transitions.  The process of writing and sharing life stories has enabled those in midlife to look forward to their "second adulthood" with hope and confidence in God and themselves.


Holly conducts seminars, retreats and small groups where participants discover their passions, establish their mission statements, and gain momentum for living with God-given purpose.

Holly is also a certified Life Coach, with Coaches Institute International.  If you are looking for someone to come along side and help you reach your goals and potential call to set up a free 20-minute consultation.


Holly and her husband Al have pastored together for the past twenty-three years in Iowa, South Dakota, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Dakota and Haiti. She has worked in the area of spiritual formation across the generations, from three year olds through senior citizens.


Holly and Al have three married children and four grandchildren.


In midlife herself, Holly senses the momentum growing...

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