If you are looking for someone to come along side you to encourage and help you focus on reaching your goals and potential, you may want a life coach.  Life coaching is about having a sounding board, a partner who is committed to walking your journey with you.  A coach is one who believes in you and wants you to reach your dreams and goals.  A coach doesn’t give you the answers, but listens well and asks powerful questions that help you discover those answers for yourself.  Coaching enables you to move toward fulfilling your dreams and purposes by discerning the next steps you need to take, while your coach holds you accountable to achieving your goals.

Life coaching can be accomplished by phone or in person.  Call for your free 20 minute consultation.


Fees for both Group Coaching and Facilitation Individual Coaching are on a sliding scale to make it financially accessible to all.


Holly is a Certified Life Coach (CLC).

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