Midlife Momentum as a Missional Tool for addressing the Baby Boomer Generation


In the past decade the church in the U.S. has recognized the need to move intentionally and radically into missions in the local community, as well as world-wide.


There has been a revival of sorts among many Christians who are realizing that we are called to engage the world, reach out in the name of Jesus with mercy and justice, and become the light, the ambassadors, the reconcilers that Scripture has described us to be.


I have heard a lot of talk about the need to be missional...to be in the world, sharing the love of God, but I also know that just saying this does not give those in the pew or the pulpit the tools to act. Instead I sense there are all kinds of guilt, because we recognize we probably should be doing this, but we don't have a clue where to start; and cookie cutter programs are not the answer.


Many people I talk with have no idea what their passion or calling is. They don't believe they are able to make a difference where they do see needs, so they feel paralyzed and guilty. Midlife Momentum is not designed to equip these folks for each and every possible option for mission, but it is designed to reveal their passions, and motivate them to connect with those who can help them engage.


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