Who will Midlife Momentum serve?


•  Women 40-65 years old who are experiencing the transitions of midlife.  These transitions impact our physical well-being, family relationships, emotional health and spiritual discoveries.


•  Couples 50+ who are seeking a fresh identity and purpose in their marriages now that they are empty-nesters or anticipating retirement.


•  People 65+ who, according to a New York Times article, may be facing their “2nd midlife crisis” (remember...they still have 20 years to fill with purpose).


As those in the Boomer generation discern their purpose, families will be healthier because they are living with intention.  Grandparents will be sharing a heritage of servant-hood to the King, and churches and communities will have a generation of Boomers revitalized and empowered for entrepreneurial ministry and mission opportunities.


What are the elements of Midlife Momentum?


1. Life reflection exercises.


2. Clarifying our core values.


3. Creating a Mission Statement for the next season of life.


4. Creating a Vision Statement.


5. Worship and celebration as we keep God at the heart of the process.

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