Below are several options for Midlife Momentum Seminars, Retreats, Intensive Classes, and Spirituality Groups:


•  A Taste of Midlife Momentum: A one to three-hour introduction to living our “second adulthood” (50 and beyond) with meaning and purpose.


•  Options for Retreats include:


―  24-hour retreat with 4 follow-up sessions to complete the initial process (materials provided).  If travel distance is prohibitive, local facilitators can be trained to lead these sessions.


―  Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon retreat.


―  Two 24-hour retreats (example: one held in spring and another in fall).


―  Saturday retreat to explore the questions that midlife raises and begin the process of seeking God’s purpose.


―  Saturday retreat for developing a mission statement (would lack the depth of doing the life-reflection activities).


―  Sunday morning worship service plus Sunday afternoon workshop.


•  6-8 session Spirituality Group meeting weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly (each session 2-3 hours).


These options can be modified to meet your needs, schedules and expectations.  Obviously, the effectiveness and impact of the Midlife Momentum process will be determined in part by the time committed to the experience.


The cost of one two-hour speaking engagement is mileage plus $150.00.

Retreats and classes are negotiated dependent on time, distance and the

number of participants.

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