Why check out Midlife Momentum?


Midlife Momentum is a ministry designed to aid individuals who are age 40 and beyond to live with God-given purpose and power.


Midlife Momentum provides a process of life reflection exercises to increase awareness of how God's grace has been at work throughout our lives, preparing us for the next season of living into God's purposes and plans.  By providing a safe community in which to share stories, dreams and goals, participants have the opportunity to be intentional about choices they will make concerning the future.


The process fosters openness to the movement of the Spirit, listening for the new things God wants to do in and through us, and it allows us to more fully become who God created us to be.


Why is it important to experience what Midlife Momentum has to offer?


•  In the last 90 years God has added 30 years to the average life span.


•  700,000 women are widowed each year, and are widows an average of 14 years.


•  In 1998, if you reached age 65, statistically you could expect to live to 84+.


•  Suicide rates for men in retirement are second only to teenagers.


•  Boomers are coming of age and dealing with midlife and retirement issues.


•  There is an opportunity to mobilize a generation of people for greater impact in the Kingdom of God.



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